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Rotating Machines Overhauling

Whether a fractional horse power motor or 600MW generator, a rotating electrical machine is usually a critical component, which if out of action, can have dire consequences.

That’s why you should choose Omar Sons Company as the basis for your structured maintenance and repair strategy … to avoid costly downtime and reduce total cost of ownership.

One of the largest independent electrical engineering service providers in Egypt, middle east and north Africa and a globally recognized expert in rotating capital plant, Omar Sons Company delivers fully integrated support solutions for a broad range of worldwide customers.

Our dynamic structure and dedication to supporting customers 24/7 through a network of offices and workshop facilities, gives us the capability to provide seamless worldwide support.

Best suitable materials , best engineering solutions and best machines will be covering the process of overhauling from A to Z

Our specialist expertise is drawn from a distinguished heritage, stretching over 100 years and which includes some of the most highly respected European names in electrical machine design: Wolong, Schorch, ATB Sever, Brook Crompton, Lawrence Scott However, we are equally well equipped to look after any rotating electrical machine supplied by any producer